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About Artist David Scheffler of CTSQ Arts

Have you ever stood before a fantastic vista or beautiful object and wished you could share it with a friend or relative who remained at home? Me too. Photography allows me to capture those scenes and reproduce them for the future enjoyment of others.

I most enjoy shooting objects and landscapes, both natural and man-made. There seems to be a never-ending stream of subjects. I find myself making mental notes of photo opportunities while driving, biking or walking so I can then return to the scene when better light, sparser traffic or changed background facilitate getting the ideal shot. I frequently challenge the status quo (CTSQ) by enhancing my photos with treatments that lend a painted or art studio feel.

The equipment, software and technique used to record, process and print an image are technically complex but wonderfully capable. Mastering the resources and workflow requires a significant investment of time and capital. The return on that investment is the occasional “Wow, I got it!” reaction when viewing the finished product, compounded, of course, by a confirming compliment, a peer recognition or the sale of a print.

I am a member of the Charleston Artist Guild and served as the Guild’s 2013-2014 Board President, and the Charleston Center for Photography where I have taken numerous courses on technique and technology.

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HONORS *****

My photo “Charleston Afternoon” was selected for the cover of the Charleston Fire Department’s Strategic Plan published in January 2013, and my photo of “Sherman House” was featured in the Fairfield County Visitors & Convention Bureau’s ad which won a 2012 Ohio Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau’s MIDDY Award for Print Advertising.

I was selected as the Featured Artist for October 2012 and April 2014 at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery. My exhibits were titled “Portals” and “Color It Charleston”, respectively.

Faces of Kosovo, was featured at the Ohio University - Lancaster Wilkes Gallery from September through November 2011.

My photo, Winter Grace, won the 2011 Heritage Ohio photo contest in state-wide voting ended June 7. The photo, shot in Downtown Lancaster, features two church steeples viewed through the architectural features of the front porch of the Georgian Mansion, a museum owned by the Fairfield Heritage Association. It can be seen under the “Central Ohio” tab on the home page of this site.

I was honored to be selected as the featured artist for a one-man show at the Ohio University - Lancaster Wilkes Gallery during June 2010, and Artist in Residence at the Blue Shoe Arts Gallery at Art & Clay on Main in Lancaster OH during March 2011. During June 2011 my Faces of Kosovo exhibit was viewed at the Gallery at 110 in Lancaster OH.

My work appears at Art & Clay on Main and The Blank Slate in Lancaster, OH and the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery in Charleston, SC.